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Term Payments are deferred payment promises, based on digitally-signed legal contracts that include all the information required to execute payment on the due date. They may also include attachments such as invoices, POs, or other commercial documents.

The Term Payments SaaS platform is a transactional engine where these digital assets, representing “a right to get paid”, may be agreed upon, to be later held or transferred. Transfers may be in full or partial, splitting the right to collect among many parties or wallets. They may also be guaranteed by the transferor. The Term Payments SaaS engine finally triggers the collection process, once the due date for each payment arrives, providing the partner connecting to it with debit-credit instructions to settle each payment.

This SaaS engine offers an API for payments-enabled partners (wallets, payment processors, marketplaces) to generate a transactional layer on top of their immediate payments solution, enabling use cases such as counterparty B2B credit terms, consumer BNPL, invoice financing, or others, for their customer base. Funds are settled using the regular payment methods these partners already use.

The transactional engine behind Term Payments SaaS, along with its document generation and digital-signing capability, offer the ability to generate custom transactional flows with legal contract backing, for alternative use cases such as lending, real-world assets sale, private investments, or others.

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